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Penta Pharma Trade and Services Ltd is a Hungarian pharmaceutical marketing company, which was founded by Hungarian private persons in 1989 in order to make niche products already on the market in Western European countries available for the Hungarian public. Our company is mainly concerned with wholesale and retail marketing of pharmaceutical and medicinal products, as well as various dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical devices. In addition to marketing our own proprietary preparations, we are exclusive distributors of products of several foreign and domestic manufacturers. All our exported goods come from the European Union while our own preparations are packaged in Hungary. Being committed to high quality, we closely collaborate with representatives and service providers of domestic academia such as university institutes, clinics, laboratories, recognised pharmacists and consultants. Relying on their support, our purpose is to develop products which help maintain the health of the human body. With recent international trends in mind, we do our best to apply technological innovations, novel active substances and the results of medical research and fulfil a wide range of consumer demands while continuously developing existing products taking advantage of the acquired knowledge. Our reseller partners include all domestic pharmacies and wholesalers and we also supply to several drugstore chains and herbal specialty shops.

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Our mission is to provide state of the art services as a supplier of health care and quality of life improving products including over-the-counter medicines, medicinal products not qualifying as drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices and cosmetics. We are dedicated to providing solutions to health care problems for all ages at a competitive and affordable price by supplying niche and innovative products based on the results of recent research and relying on the expertise of highly qualified and experienced co-workers in every field. Following the demands of the market, we continuously expand our range with high-quality products, preferring natural active substances. Our aim is to help an increasing number of people maintain their health, beauty and well-being.



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